Ozzy’s Construction Inc. is a Hawaii based residential and commercial construction company that has been building extraordinary structures for years.  We specialize in ground-up construction as well as commercial development, package homes, high-end custom homes, store fronts, renovations, add-ons, demolition, remodeling, and civil work. Get In touch to know more about us Mahalo! LIC# ABC-30974

Steps to accomplishing your new home

  • Get pre-approved by your bank (know what your budget/limit is) Need a Lender? Hawaii Capital Lending and

    Citywide Home Loans.

  • Know the kind of house you want to build (stay within your means when choosing a house plan)

  • Find a licensed contractor http://cca.hawaii.gov/pvl/boards/contractor/ or hopefully you will choose Ozzy’s Construction as your contractor.

  • Schedule a site visit with your contractor.

  • Give an idea plan of what you want your home to be, to your contractor

  • Your Contractor will then schedule a meeting with both homeowner and architect to draw out your home

  • Once drawings are finalized, then it’s off to the Engineer to do his part (this steps may take a week or two depending on comments from the Engineer to the architect.

  • Once drawings are stamped by the Engineer, then it’s off to DPP (Department of Planning and Permitting) for about 2 1/2 months, if a demo permit is needed, then consider it 3 months lead time for both permits.

  • Hooray, your permit(s) is ready! Now it’s time to schedule another meeting with the contractor to set and start date and time.